majoris avocats Paris
majoris avocats Paris

Blockchain, Digital Assets and Decentralized Finance Law

The blockchain is to the internet what literature is to the printing ...

An entire universe is opening up thanks to the blockchain, and this new technology will revolutionize our business and, in particular, all of our economic activity. Its implications are immense and with it, the need for new regulation and the creation of new legal tools that will allow this economy to flourish. 

Having entered into French positive law in the Sapin II Law (law n°2016-1691), the blockchain is spreading into French corporate and financial law. France is thus the first country to organize the storage and transfer of financial securities on a blockchain, otherwise known as a "deep" shared electronic recording device.

In order to enable its clients to make full use of the blockchain's possibilities, MAJORIS has created and protected the concept of the "Token company", the company shares of which are represented on a blockchain, thus providing a high degree of liquidity. The securities, thus represented in the form of digital tokens, can be sold with great ease, thanks to smart contracts. Legal security is guaranteed by the way the blockchain works.