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Composed of a team with diverse legal and cultural backgrounds, MAJORIS manages African projects such as real estate and infrastructure construction projects (financing, operation), joint ventures and concessions (international company law), extraction and renewable energy projects, cooperation, or technological installations abroad, as well as the management and resolution of any related disputes.

MAJORIS has participated in various governmental and NGO working groups relating to renewable energies in Africa and the harmonization of electricity regulation in the African market.

MAJORIS can intervene alongside African or French companies and colleagues who want to develop their exchanges with African countries by taking advantage of the growth opportunities offered by this continent. MAJORIS is involved in the structuring of projects, contractual support, consulting, and disputes before state courts and arbitral tribunals.

To manage complex cases on the continent, including arbitrations, MAJORIS relies on a network of correspondents located across West and Central Africa, as well as in North Africa. Relying on this network, MAJORIS is able to support its clients at all stages of the development of their international activities (market studies, identification of projects through a monitoring system, lobbying, search for funding and partners, legal structuring of projects, corruption compliance).


Thanks to its broad experience and its multi-disciplinary practice, MAJORIS has developed in partnership with ABST a specific offer for infrastructure project developers, in order to help them in the structuring of their project and to allow their effective realization, especially regarding the search for funding.

After a preliminary study of the file, MAJORIS and ABST are able to make recommendations in order to take the project to the next step.

MAJORIS and ABST rely on a multi-disciplinary team that can mobilize all the skills required to bring a project to a successful conclusion: foreign lawyers, financial analysts, consulting firms, economists, geo-political consultants, etc.

The task force operates in "project mode", whose steps are as follows:

Step 1 - Study phase

Inventory: We carry out an analysis of the existing situation to study the feasibility of the project and the quality of the file and, if applicable, identify weaknesses and list the additional tasks to be carried out.

This first phase gives rise to:

  • a summary report in which we deliver our analysis on the quality of the project and its progress.

And optionally,

  • a recommendation describing the steps to be implemented to make the project more attractive to stakeholders and allow us to become more fully involved in order to oversee its effective implementation.

Step 2 - Selection of resources

We designate the necessary resources that must be chosen according to the technical skills and which correspond to the significance of the project.

We can mobilize a wide range of skills and first-rate professionals with an excellent knowledge of Africa and its regulatory and economic context.

The partners that we propose to involve are of course validated by the client.

Step 3 - Task planning

The project will be materialized by a succession of tasks to be carried out, for which we set priorities and timelines.

The schedule is validated with the client.

Step 4 - Realization of the service

MAJORIS and ABST ensure the coordination of all selected project participants, the proper flow of information, the quality of the work product, and compliance with the agreed schedule.

We keep the project owner regularly informed of the progress of our work.

Step 5 - Delivery of the final file

Presentation note, final studies carried out, ...




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